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About Epic Thanks

What if we could change the world simply by being grateful for one another and this beautiful place we call home?

Dedication on the library built from gratitude

Epic Thanks is a global celebration that aims to change the world through the power of gratitude. Originally founded with the name TweetsGiving in 2008, in its first year, the event built a classroom out of gratitude in Arusha, Tanzania, and became the #1 trending topic on Twitter as grateful tweets from across the globe filled the stream. Over the past five years, from the gratitude of thousands, Epic Thanks has raised over $100,000 that has been invested in changemakers from Tanzania, Nepal and the US, building classrooms, a library, a temporary home for disabled veterans and more.

About Leah

Leah Albert Masimba

Tanzanian eighth grader Leah Albert’s last name is “Masimba” – a concatenation of the Swahili words for “mother” and “lion” – and she more than lives up to her name. Consistently at the top of her class, Leah is a born leader who encourages and inspires her classmates. Even the boys in class say they’ll vote for her when she runs to become Tanzania’s first woman president. Leah is one of the TwitterKids of Tanzania and, when she’s not busy studying, can be found on Twitter (@Leah_Albert).

About Leah’s School

Mama Lucy & Beatrice

Leah goes to a school founded by her role model – an audacious, powerful Tanzanian woman named “Mama Lucy” Kamptoni. Mama Lucy sold chickens in her village & turned her income into a school that provides quality education to hundreds of local children like Leah who now consistently rank among the best and brightest in her country. When she’s not busy educating the future leaders of her country, you can find Mama Lucy on Twitter (@MamaLucy).

About Epic Change

Epic Thanks was created by Epic Change, the innovative US 501c3 nonprofit behind TweetsGiving, one of the first events to harness Twitter for social good, To Mama With Love, and the TwitterKids of Tanzania, a classroom of remarkable seventh-graders who blog & tweet from their village near Arusha. From cultivating tweetsgiving as the #1 trending topic on Twitter, to the organization’s coverage in the blogosphere and at innovative technology conferences like South by Southwest and TEDx, Epic Change has consistently demonstrated an ability to successfully harness the social web to drive attention and investment to grassroots changemakers.

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